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    Jihorse is a leading global designer and manufacturer of professional EVA carrying solutions, Bag, Pouch, Mobile gimbal, dart, Mask case.


    We also specializes in EVA Molded Cases, Foam Cases, Clamshell Cases, Organizers, EVA Bag, Custom Designed Cases, Collecting Bags, Cache Boxes and other products. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is an extremely elastic material and is renowned for its excellent toughness. We pride ourselves on world-class customer service and many of our products can be customized to accommodate special requests and requirements.


    Jihorse incorporates customer feedback evaluations to create and deliver superior performance and style product, specializing across a versatile range of EVA storage Cases, like Travel Case, Storage hard Case, Portable Case, Protective Case, Transport Case, Zipper Case, Packaging & Shipping Case, Tool Case, Binoculars Case, Dart Case, Flashlight Case, Glucose Meter Case, Keyboard Case, Microphone Case, Nintendo Switch Case, Paintball Gun Case, Rifle Case, and Stethoscope Case. EVA-Cases designs Carrying Cases and Bags for products, devices, tools and other popular products, combining high-end development process with extensive testing. Bringing the super-strong characteristic of EVA with our precise and cutting-edge design process, we bring forward a range of EVA cases that provides extreme durability, style and performance for our customers.

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